Six steps to team spirit that helped Leicester win the league

University research into sport psychology shows how Leicester became Premier League champions

Gap year: volunteering abroad

Gap year: volunteering abroad

Volunteering in Africa during her gap year made a big impact on Beth Townsend’s life and helped her decide what to study at uni…

Go to uni!

Go to uni!

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March) we thought it would be great to share this video with you, created by an inspirational woman with a great sense of humour…

Marine biology: Love’s tough for a sea slug

Unlucky in love or sad you didn’t get any valentine cards? Spare a thought for the poor sea slug…

How bang on is The Big Bang Theory?

Harry Wilcox is a physics graduate studying a PhD* at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth and a massive fan of the Channel 4 show.

Animating Paddington

Ever wondered what it’s like to work on a major animated film production? Find out what animator James Hickey had to say about it (and if he likes Paddington’s favourite, marmalade sandwiches)…

How a tweet can save a life

Geography graduate Gemma D’Souza writes about her research into how social media can be used to help in natural disasters.

Facts on the fly

Most people think flies are disgusting but many don’t realise how fascinating they are. Did you know they can taste with their feet and breathe through their bottoms? You can even study flies at university. Here are fourteen incredible things you probably didn’t know about them…

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