Monthly Archives: August 2016

Get inspired!

The Olympics is always a great place to look for inspiration and UP for Uni couldn’t be prouder of the

success Team GB is having. With over 11,000 competitors representing 207 National Olympic

Committees, this multi- sport event shows us that whatever your nationality or background hard-

work and determination goes a long way!

One athlete is excelling in her sport and Rio 2016 is her first ever Olympics! We are of course talking

about Simone Biles, Artistic Gymnast representing Team USA. At the time of writing Simone had

already won three gold medals and we are sure that will increase as the event goes on.

But what is it that makes her so successful and can we apply a bit of physics to explain her incredible


Check out this video made by Quartz, meanwhile we’re off to practice our layouts and blind


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