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Do you have a passion for something? Former University of Portsmouth student, Scott Sullivan, does. He’s worked as a manager for different companies, but wanted to start his own business doing something he really loves: wakeboarding. In 2012, Scott founded South Coast H2O in Hilsea, Portsmouth.

Wakeboarding is one the fastest growing water sports in the world and uses a combination of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding techniques. Wakeboarders ride on a board, a bit like a surf board but with their feet attached, while being towed at speeds of up to 25 mph by a special motorboat or
overhead cable.

Wakeboarders ride the board flat to go in a straight line and put it on its edge to move from side to side. They do jumps by riding up kickers (ramps), if they’re on a cable system, or riding towards the boat’s wake (the disturbed water behind a boat) and launching into the air. Wakeboarding is a great
sport for doing tricks.

The size and shape of the board affects how it performs. Smaller boards feel lighter and spin faster, but make landing neatly more difficult, whereas larger ones have a slower, smoother style. Wakeboards have fins, which are changed for different types of tricks. For example, shallow fins (which don’t stick very far into the water) are best for surface tricks, such as flat spins.

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Wakeboarding facts

      It was originally called ‘skurfing’.


      It’s one of seven sports being considered for the 2020 Olympic Games. The International


      Olympic Committee makes its final decision in September 2013.


      It’s quite a new sport – starting in the 1980s after snowboarding was invented.



skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding, it has its own language. Tantrum, scarecrow,
whirlybird and skeezer are all types of tricks; and slob, stalefish, melon and nuclear are
names for grabs (when a rider is in the air and reaches down to grab the board).

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