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One of the best parts of university is all the friends you make. Some you meet in your lessons, some in your accommodation, others in societies and clubs, and others just by bumping into each other at the right place and time!

I was lucky to make friends with someone in my halls on the very first day of university, and now almost 3 years later, we still live together in a student house! While you can’t really make friends by living together during your school years (unless you are close to siblings), there are lots of other things you can try to have a healthy social circle.

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Classmates are often the people you are surrounded by most often, both in school, college, and uni. These guys up here are brand new uni students on their first day of¬†lessons! The most important thing to remember when meeting new people and trying to make friends is that almost everyone is in the same boat as you. As classmates there’s also lots of things you’ll experience together that gives you something to talk about – from difficult maths homework to what you think of the new paintings around school.

In university this works too. Even though I came to Portsmouth from abroad I found that I’d had lots of similar experiences to people from England, and had things to talk about and bond over!

If you find that you need more in common with people to be friends with them, why not try looking for a club or society that is dedicated to something you enjoy? Your school might offer some, or be able to help you find some nearby you can join to meet people interested in similar things to you.

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Remember, clubs don’t always have to be something sporty if you’re not into that – whether you like art, theater, music, charity work, creative writing, etc, find a place you can do your hobby with others. The more the merrier!

If you’re still at a loss of what to do, you can always sign up to a one-off kind of event, like the kind that the University of Portsmouth run for school and college pupils. Here are some South Downs College students trying out the forensic science equipment to investigate a crime scene.

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Our events can be signed up to with the link under “Events” on the right. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make friends when doing exciting activities together!

The most important thing about making friends is to remember to actually be open to meeting new people and getting to know them! Just because the very first conversation you had didn’t go flawlessly doesn’t mean you’ll never be friends, maybe one of you was too shy, nervous, or had a bad day.

Smile, and try to be the type of friend that you would want to have yourself.

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