UP for Uni Residential: Packing Hacks

So, you’re coming to stay at the University for the UP for Uni Residential? How much do you actually need to bring?
How are you going to get it all to fit into just one small suitcase?

These nine hacks that I picked whilst on a recent University music tour around Spain might be just the lifesavers you need:

  1. Roll clothes instead of folding them – this will save you so much space and you won’t get as many creases – double win!
  2. Less is definitely more. Don’t pack your entire wardrobe just because you don’t know what you will want to wear when you get there. Decide in advance what you want to wear each day. Remember, you want a small and light bag for the Residential.
  3. Travel size toiletries are handy – there is no point bringing full sized items for a three day stay. They take up less space and are lighter.
  4. Use clothes as padding – protect more delicate items that could break (such as perfume or make up bottles).
  5. Bra hack – Stack your bras, fold them in half and fill with socks and underwear. Not only will your bras maintain their shape but you’ll also save space.
  6. Make up hack – If you like to wear make up, bring things that do more than one job. For example, using eye shadow as eye liner.
  7. Mini Me -If you like to style your hair consider using mini hair straighteners. This leaves more room in your bag for other things.
  8. Laundry! – Make sure you have clean clothes before you leave otherwise you may find you have no clean underwear or outfits for your stay and no one wants that!
  9. Simplicity – Keep outfits simple – mix and match tops and bottoms. This means you aren’t limited in what you wear each day.

Think I’ve missed any? Share your hacks below.


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